Week 5, Internet Ad/ Infomercial

I thought of the Shamwow guy when I heard “infomerical” and was also thinking about all the infomercials about buying gold and silver, like, we didn’t know it was valuable or something. I was trying to think of something that is useless but would be valuable to someone.


13 thoughts on “Week 5, Internet Ad/ Infomercial

  1. I was looking at your project larger and my son comes up to check it out and then he goes “ooh”. I turned to him and asked if he wanted one, he looks at me and shakes his head “a huh”. You made it believable enough for my 9 year old. Too bad he does not have any concept of money.

    The only thing I would work on would be the small text at the bottom of the advertisement.

  2. lol chick magnet. all I’m imagining is some dude walking down mill on saturday night holding a hunk of one of these and suddenly women literally flying off their feet and slamming into him and this rock. Like, dozens of them.

  3. good concept. you got a laugh out loud. because it is easy to imagine a cool guy trying to catch some chicks with a huge rock on a chain around his neck. just funny.

    the small text at the bottom worked for me it was like the small text in every add that no one really reads but has the warnings. I did click on the photo to get it a little larger so that i could read it (cant find my readers) good ad. thanks

  4. The sham wow guy is a nice touch. I’m not sure how many customers you’ll attract other than Star Wars addicts, but there are enough of those around you’ll do fine 🙂 great job!

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