This is a mock up of an arcade/gaming database, kind of like IMDB. I used iconic images from games, Contra, Mario Bros, MegaMan, and so forth. The idea is to either search for a console or arcade game, the difference being, for those who don’t know, a console game is a home system like NES, Atari, Playstation 3 etc and Arcade is for old school stand up arcade cabinets like Donkey Kong, Asteroids and so forth. The second page is if the user chose Arcade and there is a search window for them to type in search terms.


Box O Bots

This project was hard for me because the possibilities were endless and I just couldn’t decide what to do. But the clock was ticking so I made this.

Vector Drawing

I did my vector drawing on Buster Keaton. I love black and white photos and I like the look on his face. This was like, over 70 different vector shapes. I could’ve worked on this for another week but I had to stop somewhere. I could see this image in a magazine add or something similar to that.


Now that I look at it, I had some shoadows under his collar by his tie, I guess they got covered up, dang it. There were so many vector layers that it got crazy and I couldn’t keep track. I need to go back and work on his ear and his hands for sure.