Vector Drawing

I did my vector drawing on Buster Keaton. I love black and white photos and I like the look on his face. This was like, over 70 different vector shapes. I could’ve worked on this for another week but I had to stop somewhere. I could see this image in a magazine add or something similar to that.


Now that I look at it, I had some shoadows under his collar by his tie, I guess they got covered up, dang it. There were so many vector layers that it got crazy and I couldn’t keep track. I need to go back and work on his ear and his hands for sure.


7 thoughts on “Vector Drawing

  1. Nice job on Buster K. This is great for the assignment and I would suggest that you finish the work for your own purposes or even your portfolio. The work has great potential.
    I know how you feel about when to stop and i felt that i could have worked on mine for another few weeks.

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