Digital Art


“Skin Tank” Done in Adobe Illustrator. I hand drew the tank, then colored it in and added details in AI.

Fisherman's Surprise

I did this in AI using nothing but the shape tool and pathfinder tool.

Engineers Shirt Graphic

I made this shirt graphic in AI to commemorate the movie Prometheus and those crazy engineers always tinkering with life

Shit On The Small People

I made this in AI using a combination of scanned drawings and tools in Illustrator. In the future, the rich have their homes on clouds that float above the common people while their waste falls where it wants.

Big Foot Birthday Card

A BigFoot themed Birthday Card I made for my friend using drawings by hand them colored in in Photoshop.

Reliant Shield Deactivation Code

I made this Reliant tactical display graphic in AI 🙂

MeteorProject copy

Another old photoshop class assignment


An old Photoshop class assignment 🙂


I made this Buster Keaton image using nothing but the pen tool in AI.

All Giza Pyramids

An Egypt postcard I made using photoshop.


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