Star Wars themed Movie Quiz poster

moviequizcap copy

It was fun recreating the Star Wars font for this quiz poster.



Here are some posters I have made for The Movie Quiz. They are a lot of fun to do! I have also made this a new category in my header, check em out!

Web tmqposterindy TMQOscarPosterFB tmqhalloweenFB Web tmqposterxmasfb tmqpostersayanything

Freddy Krueger Pizza Box!


I love Halloween! I also love horror movies! So I painted Freddy on a pizza box for a local pizza place ( that is my favorite pizza in Portland). It is acrylic paint 🙂

The Movie Quiz!


I have been busy these last few months making some stuff. Among that stuff is posters for the new Movie Quiz here in Portland at the Hollywood Theater. The newest one here is for the month of October and is Halloween themed! It is a spoof of the Friday the Thirteenth poster. Here are all the elements that I had to put together in order to produce it!

TMQForRealsiesBigger copy TMQ4Guy1002 TMQ4Guy2003 TMQ4Guy3004 TMQ4lady001 Pencil001 TMQSeat001